DIY Holiday Wreath

What I love about wreaths is that if you're intentional about the ingredients you choose, they can be inexpensive to make, and they're versatile—simply replacing the greens can change the entire look to fit into any season.  For under $20, I made a wreath to welcome guests into our home this holiday season. Many of the ingredients can be found at your local nursery, or even in your own backyard.

What you'll need:

1. Grapevine Wreath. I purchased an 18" wreath for $5 at the nursery, but if you have access to grapevines or honeysuckle vines, you can easily make one.

2. Greenery. This can be any type of foliage you'd like to use—preferably something that dries well (such as succulents, olive branches, camellia or lemon leaves). I love coming home to the smell of pine during the holidays, so I used Juniper, Cedar and a little bit of Fraser Fir. 

3. Adornments. Again, these can be anything you'd like to use: from fresh flowers, to pine cones, to berries. I wanted to make a semi-traditional garland for the holidays, so I searched our yard for pine cones, dried hydrangea, azalea, and to add a pop of color, I dried some orange slices in the oven. I also purchased faux crabapple (so I wouldn't have to replace them).

4. Floral sheers.

Grapevine wreaths bring in a natural warmth, and they're easy to work with. By clipping branches and tucking and weaving into the wreath, you won't have to mess with floral wire or zip ties.

First, start out by building the shape with your greens. I started with the Juniper, for coverage. Then, to add some interest and a bit of movement, I added in Cedar. Lastly for color contrast, I added the small branches of Fraser Fir.

If you're looking to achieve a minimalist look, you can stop right here. I love the simplicity of this wreath, and it could fit in any home and look effortless and beautiful. For the sake of the holidays, though, I kept going :)

Next, add your adornments. For many of them, you'll be able to use the same weave-and-tuck method that you used for the greens. For others, you may need to secure with twine or hot glue.

Ta-da! Hang on your front door, or above your fireplace with a 3M hook or nail and enjoy! 

I'd love to see what treasures you've found for your holiday wreath! Try it out for yourself and be sure to tag @kenleyeventdesign on Instagram.

Katie Nguyen HuberComment