Sinclair and Moore Workshop

This past March, I attended the Sinclair & Moore Workshop in Seattle, WA, and for anyone who is considering making the investment to attend one in the future, I'm excited to share my experience with you!

This workshop went far beyond learning how to create beautiful arrangements and installations. We discussed business strategy, marketing toward your ideal client, and how to source the best product. From there, Steve fills the studio with the most beautiful flowers, demonstrates how to create garden-style arrangements, then guides individuals as needed, as they have a hands-on experience creating their own. I attended the Elements of Event Design workshop, where we were divided into three teams to create our own distinct look for a photoshoot on the last day. We worked with our team to create arrangements that worked together cohesively, then pieced together each component for the shoot. And the photos below will speak for themselves :)

During our one-on-one session, Steve and I discussed my ideal client, business plans, and outlined steps on how to achieve my goals. Steve showed genuine care in the success of my business, shared stories of his humble beginnings, and to this day has remained a true and honest mentor. Without this workshop, I would not be where I am today. In just three days, I became a better designer, a smarter business woman, and a bigger dreamer. 

For anyone seeking a workshop that will give you tangible tools for bettering yourself and your business, I highly encourage making the investment to attend the Sinclair & Moore Workshop! Take a look here for more information about each of the classes Steve & Jamie are offering in 2017 and check out their Instagram to find out how you can apply for a scholarship.

Photos: O'Malley Photographers, Design: Sinclair & Moore, Venue: Lakewold Gardens, Gowns: Emily Riggs, Rentals: Cort Party Rentals, HAMU: Erin Skipley, Vintage Rentals: Vintage Ambiance

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